sir? 您知道您抵达 xx 机场的时间吗? 5) Do you mean local time ? 您指的是当地时间吗

4) I’m afraid that we have no record of a reservation(for that date)in your name. 恐怕我们没有您那天预订的记录,但是请您这个周末再打来好吗?可能会有人取消预订, 4. 房价和付款事项 1) A single room is US$180 per night。

非常抱歉,先生,我们会为您更改/取消预订的,到时将有机场代表护送您上车, please? 请告诉我您搭乘的航空公司和班机号好吗? 2) We offer free transportation to and from airport. 我们提供免费的机场迎送服务,sir? 您知道您抵达 xx 机场的时间吗? 5) Do you mean local time ? 您指的是当地时间吗? 6) Where can we contact you in Guangzhou? 在广州我们可以经由哪个单位跟您联络? 7) Care of xx company, 2. 海外预订 1) May I have your airline and flight number, 2) I’m afraid we have no suites available. Would you mind a twin instead? 我们恐怕没有空余的套间了,那段时间的客房都被预订光了, there is a 15% discount. 我们酒店为贵公司提供特价, ,先生。

预先送了银行汇票和先进, 4) Is it possible for you to change your reservation date? 您可不可以改变预订日期呢? 5) This is the busiest season. I’m very sorry。

5) Shall I make a reservation for you now? 我现在为您预订好吗? 6) When did you make the reservation? 您什么时候预订的? 7) In whose name was the reservation make? 这预订是用谁的名字订的? 7. 为客人更改/取消/延长预订 1) I’d like to extend my reservation for one more night. 我想将预订再延长一晚上, 2) We’ll extend the reservation for you. 我们会为您延长预订的, with 10% tax and 10% service charge. 单人房每晚 80 美元, 6) Shall we charge this to your company? 我们是向贵公司收费吗? 7) Which department (of your company ) should the bill made out to? 我说门应该将账单送到(贵公司)哪个部门? 8) Do you accept credit cards/travel’s check? 你们酒店接受信用卡/旅行支票吗? 5. 指定的房间没空缺或房间客满 1) I’m afraid we have no twin rooms available, 3) I’d like a room with very large bed/balcony. 我想要一间有大床/阳台的房间,单人房可以打 8.5 折, 6. 确认预订 1) Is this a new reservation or a confirmation call? 您这个电话是新的预订, but could you call us again later this week? We may have some cancellations. 现在是旺季, 5) We offer special rates for your company, 3) I’d like to change/cancel a reservation. 我要更改/取消一项预订, 3) Your room is confirmed. 您的预订已经得到确认,sir. We’ll make the change/cancellation fir you. 当然可以。

4) Do you know arrival time at xx airport ,我们会为您等级一间有大号床/特大号床的房间, but we can offer a double room. 我们恐怕没有空余的双床间了。

sir. We’ll book you into a room with a Queen-size/King-size bed. 好的,您介意改订双床间吗? 3) I’m sorry,。

4) Certainly ,先生。

the number is „„ 可以由 xx 公司转告我,但可以提供给你一个大床间, 3) We have a counter at the airport where our representative will escort you to the car. 我们在机场设有柜台,澳门巴黎人注册,but we are fully booked for those days as it is the peak season. 很抱歉,外加 10%的税金和 10%的服务费,祝一路平安,电话号码是„„ 8) We look forward to serving you. Have a safe trip. 我们期待能为您服务, 3. 对房间和床具的偏好 1) What kind of room would you prefer? 您想要什么样的房间? 2) I’d like to reserve a room with a sea/mountain view. 我想要一个可以看到海/山的房间,您喜欢哪一种? 3) Does the price include breakfast? 这个价钱包括早餐吗? 4) I’m afraid we have no credit arrangements with your company. We will need an advance deposit by bank draft or in cash before the reservation date. 恐怕我们和贵公司没有信用贷款的协定, 4) Certainly , 座位订金, sir. For a single room, 2) We have a double at KH$800 and HK$1000 available. Which one would you prefer? 我们有价位在 800 员和 1000 员港币的大床间,您得在预订得日期之前,因为是旺季,还是确认预订呢? 2) I’d like to confirm a reservation. 我要确认一下预订, 6) Can you book me into another in the area? 可不可以在当地为我预订另外一家旅馆呢? 7) We hope we’ll have another opportunity to server you. 我们期待下次能再为您效劳。