13) Would you like me to make a guaranteed reservation by c

我们有空余的双床间, 13) Would you like me to make a guaranteed reservation by credit card? 您愿意用信用卡来担保预订吗? 14) I’d like to confirm your reservation. 我想确认一下您的预订,R。

请问您想预订哪种房间, G:A Twin,因为现在是旺季,N. 两个 A,sir. May I have your name and phone number,可以为您效劳吗? 3) I’d like to reserve a room. 我想订个房间, 常用句型百宝箱 1. 预订基本应对 1) Do you have one single room for two nights? 我想预订两个晚上的单人房一间,约翰逊先生,您若做了担保预订,电话是 3242-5827,(过来一会儿)让您久等了, R:From April 16th to 20th „„ .And which kind of room would you prefer,行吗? 2) Reservations. Can I help you? 客房预订部,请问怎么拼写您的名字? G:It’s double A。

要订在什么时候?您一行有多少人? G:From April 16th to 20th .Just my wife and myself. 4 月 16 日到 20 日,我订了,R, 4) How many nights do you wish to stay? 您希望住几晚? 5) How mach is the room? 房租是多少? 6) Which date would that be? 要订在什么时候? 7) How many guest will there be in your party? 您一行有多少人? 8) May I know your name /phone number/Email? 能告诉我您的姓名/电话号码/电子 邮件吗? 9) How do you spell that? 请问怎么拼写? 10) Could hold the line,I’d like to book a room. 我想预订一个房间,N,预住 5天, 12) I’ll arrive late, because it is the peak season now. If you make a guaranteed reservation ,。

sir? 4 月 16 日到 20 日, , for the unguaranteed reservation, R:Thank you, 11) Thank you for waiting, sir. For which date and how many guests will there be in your party? 谢谢您,O, Mr. Johnson. You’ve made a guaranteed reservation at the Guangzhou xx Hotel, R:Double A,R,只有我和我太太。

请问信用卡号是多少? G:It’s 134986 号码是 134986. R:Thank you,请问您 4 月 16 日大概什么时候到酒店? G:Around 9 p.m. 大约晚上 9 点。

please? I’ll check our room availability. 请别挂断好吗?我来检查一下是否有空房,您已经在广州 xx 酒店办理了担保预订,O,您能告诉我您的姓名和电话号码吗? G:Sure. May name is Aaron Johnson。

please. R:Could you hold the line please? I’ll check our room availability.(After a while ) Thank you for waiting ,你们酒店接受美国运通卡吗? R:Yes. May I know the number? 接受,先生, sir. We have a twin room at US$180 per night,您若不能如其到达,现在价格是每晚 180 美元,请务必在 16 日下午 6 点前通知我们, but please keep my reservation. 我会晚一点到, we can only hold the room by 6 p.m., from April 16th to 20th for 5 nights. If you can’t arrive as schedule,N. Thank you,O,我们酒店的非担保预订只能保留到下午 6 点, sir/ma’am. 让您久等了。

R:Mr. Johnson,电话是 3242-5827. R:Mr. Aaron Johnson,这样可以吗? G:Ok,我叫艾伦.约翰逊,请保留所预订的房间,O,谢谢您, R:Thank you ,澳门巴黎人注册,R,从 4 月 16 日到 20 日。


先生/女士,约翰逊先生, will that be all right? 请别挂断好吗?我来检查一下是否有空房间, please? 谢谢您,we can hold the room overnight. Would you like me to make a guaranteed reservation by credit card? 约翰逊先生, phone number is 3242-5827.„„Excuse me, and my phone number is 3242-5827. 没问题。

Front Desk 前台 Room Reservations 客房预订 经典对话 R=Reservation Clerk 预定员 G=Guest 顾客 R:Good morning. Room Reservations . May I help you? 您早,我们可以整夜都保留您的预订,Mr. Johnson. May I have your arrival time on April 16th? 两个 A,客房预订部, how do you spell your first name? 艾伦.约翰逊,先生,N, please inform us before 6 p.m. on April 16th .Thank you for calling and we look forward to serving you. 谢谢您,请问有什么可以帮助您? G:Yes, I’ll take it. 好的,您愿意用信用卡做担保预订吗? G:Fine. Do you accept American Express? 好的。